(YGC) is a youth led public policy research and advocacy non-profit organisation committed to influencing environment and natural resources governance to benefit the poor, vulnerable and mitigate climate change impacts. It is based in Kampala- Uganda. The organization was born out of the need for the youth to secure the future by promoting sustainable management of environment and natural resources for socio-economic development.


Through lobbying, research and community education, YGC works with education institutions, communities, government, cultural and religious leaders to ensure that natural resources are utilized in a way that leads to inclusiveness, equitable, environmentally sustainable development and respect for human rights.



A society where natural resources are utilized in an environmentally sustainable manner.


To promote and advocate for sustainable management of environment and natural resources for the present and future generations


To promote transparent and accountability in management of environment and natural resources.

To empower youth and women’s capacity to manage the impacts of climate change through resilience and adaptation

To promote restoration, conservation and management of ecosystems in Uganda

To promote equity and inclusiveness in environmental policy formulation and implementation.

To promote reforestation of indigenous trees specifies for community livelihoods and conservation.

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Though our core values, we embrace our commitment to be community leaders by implementing and demonstrating environmental sustainability thinking and practice in all aspects of our business. The YGC core values are a guide to the organization, inform of its decision making processes and operational activities and shape the mechanisms that it pursues in the face of challenges and opportunities. These values are;

Transparency and Accountability

YGC believes in being open in all ways and at all times, by ensuring continued sharing information, reporting about on-going projects and providing accurate information with stakeholders, government and key players in the natural resources governance.


At all times, YGC seeks to involve the youth, local communities, policy makers and stakeholders in its activities. This is by engagement of participatory approaches to decision making and action-taking at all levels in the organization and within our networks and partners. The core of participation is designed to minimize the power inequalities in human relations that create and sustain poverty and injustices through suppression of alternative voices.

Community and environment.

We strive to help and improve the communities where we work and live. We are concerned about the environment and promote the use of renewable energy.


The Belief is to work with well trained, highly knowledgeable and skilled staff to deliver high-quality services through conducting research and confidently advocating for best practices in natural resource management.


In respect of the centrality of politics to the development process, YGC’s research and advocacy agenda addresses central political issues of governance, accountable leadership, political transparency and fighting corruption in a non-partisan manner. This is done in a way that YGC does not align or embrace political parties, religious or cultural ideologies.